Smart Buildings

The workplace of the third millennium is at your fingertips

Turning your workplace into a smart office improves employee satisfaction, increases efficiency, and reduces operating costs. Smart offices use coordinated control and operation (IoT – Internet of Things) as well as data analysis to ensure the optimal operation of the technical equipment used in the office.

EPS-Connect develops, integrates and automates the necessary control solutions – such as A / V, lighting, shading, access, security, air conditioning, presence detection, voice-controlled assistants and building management systems – so you can control everything from a single platform.

Such digital features can also control the various technological components of a building, helping also to balance economic and environmental sustainability. For example, if a presence detector detects that no one is using the office, the lighting and air conditioning can be turned off automatically. With intelligent control and timing, peripherals such as printers, coffee machines and other electrical appliances can also be turned off automatically via smart sockets when a staff member leaves the office.

Our featured projects

We are proud to have been able to contribute to the implementation of our partners’ excellent network infrastructure with our solutions.