Peace and security 24 hours a day

EPS-Connect’s security and surveillance systems help protect your business and your employees. We are partners with the world’s leading suppliers of video surveillance systems, and we provide peace of mind and security for your business with our complex solutions.

Visual supervision

With the help of our high-tech camera systems and recording systems, you can keep an eye on your business, even from a distance. Tube cameras, dome cameras, infrared and thermal cameras, recording systems and data communication solutions.

Access control systems

With our solutions, you can easily control the access rights of your employees to different areas and protect your valuables from unauthorized intrusion. We design and build complete systems with intelligent locks, locking systems and access gates.

Body Heat Cameras

Non-contact body temperature measurement with our state-of-the-art body thermal imagers. It can also be connected to an access control system, so that the entry of persons suspected of having a fever can be monitored automatically.

Project Management

Our resources are at your disposal to implement a new, customized IT solution that is tailored to your current and future needs.