Expert in technology-driven business solutions

We design, build and maintain your intelligent network infrastructure

We build relationships

We are partners in the procurement and implementation of the technological infrastructure and IT systems necessary for your business. We design your company’s IT network system. We procure, install and maintain the necessary equipment. We provide our resellers and design partners with modern products and support with complex solutions.

Technology-driven solutions

We solve the design, implementation and maintenance of the IT network of enterprises.

manufacturing and distribution

We manufacture and sell top quality low current cables, network devices and security systems.

Warranty and support

We provide a wide range of warranties, maintenance and support for our products and services.

Our solutions

Structured networks

We solve the design, procurement, installation and maintenance of network cable infrastructure. Our installed solution will be flexible, later it can be scaled and expanded according to your business needs.

Planning and project management

All the resources you will need to implement a fully integrated enterprise communications solution

Security systems

Our security systems, which integrate with your existing IP network, help protect your business assets, prevent crime, prevent intellectual property infringement, prevent damage, and prevent unauthorized access to your corporate network.

Smart buildings

We install, integrate and automate smart devices. Be it AV, lighting, air conditioning, shielding, systems, with our solutions you can control everything from a single platform.

Our products

Structured network

Structured network cables and accessories, rack cabinets

Access control systems

Electronic entry gates, which can even be connected to body temperature measurement cameras.

Monitoring systems

State-of-the-art outdoor and indoor surveillance systems, cameras, recording devices.

Network devices

Wifi AC Gateways, Wifi Celling APs, Outdoor CPEs Outdoor Wifi APs, Store Switches, Wifi Adapters, In-Wall APs, Repeaters, Routers.

Electric car chargers

Distribution and installation of electric car chargers for businesses

smart home and smart office systems

Remote controlled, coordinated operation, intelligent and energy-saving devices.

Our featured projects

We are proud that with our applied solutions we were able to contribute to the implementation of the modern network infrastructure of our partners.